About Me

Whenever we are asked to introduce ourselves we usually go with our name, our age and our occupation. But is that really what's most relevant about us? 

My name is Lea, I'm 24 and study English and international business communication. 

What does that tell you about me? 

Not much.

Wouldn't you rather like to know that I spent 4 years in Nigeria as a teenager, and that those 4 years probably shaped me more than anything else growing up? 

Or that after several failed relationships I finally married the man meant for me, on March 26th, 2011?


Wouldn't you rather know that I love coffee, and that I would happily spend my entire day drinking coffee and talking about life with you?

Or that I love baking?

Isn't it also more important to know that singing is my passion?

Or that I have a nomadic heart, and I absolutely love travelling?

But isn't it most important to know that I love life, and that I try hard not to take it for granted?

Anything else you want to know just leave me a comment, or email me at leabinta@gmail.com

Have a beautiful day!

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