torsdag den 30. august 2012

This is my life | Overwhelmed

Yesterday we spent the whole day celebrating my amazing parents'
25th wedding anniversary.
25 years.
I can't imagine what that feels like.
Hopefully I'll know in about 23½ years.

The past couple of weeks have been spent planning that 
day of celebration,
and I think maybe I've used it as an excuse to not think about other things.
Like the fact that I start university tomorrow morning.
Right now that feels a bit overwhelming.
I'm just thankful tomorrow is just about meeting new people,
and that my lessons start monday morning, not tomorrow morning.

- Lea Binta 

fredag den 24. august 2012

TGIF | Cake

It's friday!

This week actually started off with friday for me.
Sunday night I set my alarm clock for about 9,
and went to sleep.
Next morning I woke up late, 
and couldn't understand why my alarm hadn't gone off.
Turns out I set my alarm for friday instead of monday.
I have no clue why I thought friday is the day after sunday,
but oh well.
This week's just been a week of fridays anyway.
Hanging out with friends,
shopping a wee bit,
and lovely things like that.
And eating cake.

Oh, cake!

Everytime it's friday I have a mini-celebration,
because the weekend is here.
It could consist of a brief happy dance
or an outburst of song.
Sometimes, when I'm in a particularly celebratory mood
I buy cake.

And that's exactly how I'm going to celebrate friday today.

from Pinterest

How do you celebrate friday?

- Lea Binta

torsdag den 16. august 2012

Confession | Crybaby

Hi, my name is Lea Binta,
and I'm a crybaby.

I used to be such a tough kid.
Not tough as in cool, but tough as in I never cried during movies,
no matter how sad they were.
Only exception was once during E.T.,
the second time I watched it.
Bad day, don't know what happened.

Ever since I watched The Patriot with Mel Gibson and Heath Ledger
it's been one of my alltime favorite movies,
and I've watched it hundreds of times.
And I never cried. 

Then once, a few years ago, something happened.
I watched The Patriot, and I found myself concentrating harder
on not crying, than on watching the movie.

Where did that come from?!

And ever since that day I've been a hot mess.
Crying, crying, crying.
Somedays I think I spend more time fighting the tears
than anything else.
(Or at least it feels that way)

I cry at every baptism and wedding I attend.
I cry every time I watch Extreme Makeover Home Edition,
and every show where someone loses an obscene amount of weight
and is reunited with their family in the end.

You cry, I cry. 

The other day the weather forecast said sunday was going to be
a real nice and warm day with lots of sunshine.
When I checked it just before going to bed they had changed it,
and now they say sunday is going to be a not as warm
and rainy day.
And I felt a lump in my throat.
Because of the weather.

I have no clue who allowed this soft, crying woman to take over my body,
but frankly, I don't like it.

If anyone of you have any suggestions to make me stop bawling my eyes out
next time I watch Grey's Anatomy,
then please, send them my way!

Now, if you'll excuse me, my hubby's almost home,
and that just makes me so happy I could cry.

- Lea Binta

onsdag den 15. august 2012

Party | Mail Call

I know I've been slacking a bit on the blog, 
but hey, it's vacation - 
I'm sure you have better things to do than to read my ramblings.

I promise to step it up a notch, though.

Or the day after.

Anyhow, I got mail today, and if there's something I love
it's getting mail.
Especially if it's something I've been waiting for.

I ordered straws for my parents 25th wedding anniversary,
and they finally arrived,
and I CANNOT wait to use them at the party!

- Lea Binta

onsdag den 1. august 2012

Confession | Addicted

So you know how everyone gains a couple of pounds over christmas
and then has to do this insane bikini-bootcamp to get in shape for 
the summer season?
I have to do that.
But you know when I gain more than I do over christmas?
During the summer.
Preferably while wearing my bikini.

I kid you not, as much as I love my winter foods,
I go absolutely crazy for summer foods!
I am, in fact, pretty addicted to summer food.

I know people who say that they don't eat much during the summer.
It's too hot for anything other than a light salad.
I often wonder, are they aliens?
Or maybe, deep down inside, they're really rabbits, 
and the finest food they'll ever really appreciate is lettuce and carrots?

I don't get it.
How can they not divulge themselves in the flavors of summer?
I could live off of icecream and barbecues!

You wanna see what I ate so far this summer?
Oh relax, I won't show you everything,
just the reeeaaaally good ones.

Better get ready for your mouth to start watering.

I got these mini donuts with powdered sugar at a concert,
and thank God I don't know where else to purchase these,
because I would have gained 20 pounds by tomorrow!

Have you ever lived in another country for years, and then
suddenly move?
You start missing the place, the customs, and the people,
but more than that
you start to really miss the food.
Of course you still miss the people too, since they cooked the food!

I miss Nigerian food so often, and one night my parents decided to make
a nice, homely Nigerian meal.
Aka what we could buy on campus.
We cooked and ate for hours. 
I'm pretty sure this evening accounts for most of my weight gain
over the past few weeks,
but it was sooooo worth it.

 Top left corner: kosai
Top right corner: suya
Bottom left corner: potatoes and puff puff
Nigerian pepper, salt, onions.

My sweet parents also decided to invite me and my brother for
brunch at a local café.
Of course, having eaten so much the previous days I passed.
Who would pass up this delicious food?

And you know what else is a constant food favorite for me?
Taking a regular meal and throwing it on the grill.
It just makes it taste so much better!
Someday I'm moving to Australia and I will be throwing all my food
on the barbie.
And I'll get a funky accent too, because you can't say
"shrimp on the barbie" if you have no funky accent.
You betcha.

And really, some of the best food experiences of the summer aren't even on here!

I absolutely love being able to make my own icecream with whatever
flavour I want, in my handy lil' icecream mean-machine.
My brother fell in love with it too.
I'll have to get him one for christmas.
(Andreas, I know you're reading this, just act surprised at 
christmas, alright?)

Also, one night we visited a lovely Iranian family, and they cooked us
a feast!
A feast, I tell you!
We could easily have been 10 more people, with all that food!
And it was sooooo delicious, and they were sooooo nice,
and I don't have ANY pictures from that evening, because,
well, I was far too busy enjoying the food and their company.

Check back in 6 months to hear all about how I gain weight 
during the winter.

/Lea Binta