onsdag den 28. marts 2012

Love | 1 year anniversary

4 years ago I met this awesome man.
4 years ago we jumped on a bouncy castle, and when we got tired we lay down and talked for hours.
4 years ago we had our first kiss, while watching FRIENDS on my computer.
4 years ago I fell in love, and for once I didn't fall out of love again.
1 year ago I married this man.
Today, I love him more than ever. 

/Lea Binta

tirsdag den 27. marts 2012

Snapshots | The past week

Fun with Plato, my brother's adorable great dane

Making fresh spring rolls for the first time

I finally got around to polishing my saxophone, and while I was getting a cloth and some water Obelix decided he had found a new place to nap. He looked so cute I couldn't tell him off and I let him stay there as long as he wanted. 

My wonderful man washed the windows, and now the sunshine can finally come through. Notice the difference between the washed and unwashed windows!

This blew me away. Such talented ladies! I wish I could learn to do that, but I don't think I have the patience.

/Lea Binta

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fredag den 23. marts 2012

Confession | On the run

Do yourself a favor and listen to this incredible song.
It's worth it. 
And when you're done go ahead and listen to the rest of her songs.
She's quite amazing, if you ask me.

So, did you listen to the song?

I was doing the dishes a while ago, and this song came on. And it hit me hard, right where I needed it. 
I love Tina Dico's songs, but the lyrics for this song could have been taken right out of my head. 

Quitting university makes you think about life, about the future. 
What is it I want with my life?
Which kind of job do I want, what kind of working environment is best for me?
And where do I find anything that works?

Sometimes I sit and I wish I was a bit more ordinary. That I wanted ordinary things. 
I wish I could thrive working in an office or as a shopkeeper. That I dreamt of ordinary things, like working with finances or being a teacher. 
I wish my ultimate dream was to get a house and have kids. 

But it isn't.

My dreams involve music, writing, travelling the world. 
I dream of New Zealand and South Africa. 
I dream of mentoring young adults.
I dream of things I dare not even think through. 

I'm not ordinary, and I don't thrive in ordinary settings.
Or fortunately?

Right now it feels like it's unfortunate. Right now I just need to start working, saving money, taking one day at a time.

Then maybe one day I'll figure out what it is I'm meant to be doing, or where I'm meant to be at. 
But right now,
it feels like I'm on the run.

"I wake up in the morning with one thing on my mind,
to get up on my feet and be on my way
The wide roads are calling and I'm running out of time
to make the most of this exciting day
Everybody's gotta end up somewhere
I'm just taking my time to get there
And it looks like freedom and it smells like fun
but it feels like being on the run"

/Lea Binta

torsdag den 22. marts 2012

Thankful | Simple joys

In 7th grade, when I was at an American school in Nigeria, I had a discipleship teacher who introduced me to the concept of Simple Joys. Once a week we had to write down at least 5 simple joys from the past week, and it introduced my 13-year-old mind to a whole new world - being thankful for the little things, as well as the big things. 

Although I don't write down my simple joys once a week anymore, I often think what I would write down, and these days I have so much to be thankful for. 

I'm thankful that the backpain I've had since Sunday is lessening, and that my hubby and my dog are quite understanding when I spend the entire day on the couch, because it hurts to be up and about. (rhyme!)

I'm thankful that I got a job, but also thankful that I still have a week and a half before starting.

I'm thankful that spring seems to finally be here. I'm thankful that I'm no longer freezing when I take Obelix outside, and I'm thankful for all the flowers and greens sprouting forth.

I'm thankful that my hubby bought beautiful tulips for me the other day.

I'm thankful that in just 5 days I will celebrate my one year wedding anniversary with my wonderful man, and I'm thankful we get to celebrate it with good friends around. 

I'm thankful that my brother's new (but 11 month old) great dane and our little dachshund seem to be getting along alright. I'm thankful the great dane - Plato - didn't eat Obelix.

What are your simple joys today?

/Lea Binta

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onsdag den 21. marts 2012

Home Decor | Computer table

About a week ago we spent some days re-doing our livingroom and moving the furniture around. As a result there were a few things that didn't fit anymore, and we ended up with an empty space, as well as in need of some extra storage space. 

My parents held the answer in their basement, and they came by sunday for some afternoon coffee, and they brought this marvellous piece of furniture with them:

The drawers are great for tablecloths, candles, and what-not, and it also works as my new computer table. I absolutely love it. 

While I snapped a couple of pictures of our new piece of furniture, Obelix decided to wreak havoc on his chair. 

How can you not love him?

/Lea Binta

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mandag den 19. marts 2012

onsdag den 14. marts 2012

This is my life | Her again..

I know I already mentioned her once today - spring, that is - but I think she deserves another post. 

For the first time this year I sat outside with my afternoon coffee, freshly baked break and a good book, and I just sat there. And I loved it. And it wasn't cold, it was just right. I even had to put my sunglasses on! 

Spring is my new best friend.
I love her.

/Lea Binta

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This is my life | She's here

Spring is finally here! She tried to come by yesterday, but the wind blew her away. Today, she's here. In all her glory. 
Just what I needed.

Ps. Guess who got a job today..

/Lea Binta

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søndag den 11. marts 2012

Birthday party | Easy hair-do

Yesterday we spent the day celebrating my cousin's birthday. There was great food, good company, and no less than 5 different types of cake for dessert! 

Her creative mom had decorated the table in such a cute and simple way:

Doing my hair in a bun, messy or neat, is something I do almost every day, so I thought I needed to spice it up a bit for the birthday party. 

I did an upside-down french braid, and did a neat bun on top. I actually thought it turned out pretty sweet.

What's your favourite hairstyle?

/Lea Binta

torsdag den 8. marts 2012

Baking | Money saver

So, being unemployed and having two people and a dog live off of one income can be tricky. Nowhere near impossible, but it does require some thought, when you're used to having two incomes. 

One way to save a lot of money is to bake your own bread. Bake your own cake. Generally cooking yourself instead of buying processed food. On average I probably bake bread once a week, and really, who doesn't love homemade bread? And the best thing? You are in complete control, and can make it however you want.

There are so many great recipes, and easy recipes as well, so honestly, there's no excuse - get that oven started and bake that bread!

/Lea Binta

mandag den 5. marts 2012

Confession | Messy

My favourite time of day is eating breakfast. I wake up, take the dog out, and then sit down to have breakfast, either with the tv on, some music on, or a book beside me. Breakfast is that part of day where I'm up, and I still have faith that today will be a good day - that today I will accomplish something

Then after breakfast reality hits. Usually it hits hard. I spend an hour searching for jobs, trying to find something that I'm qualified for. On a good day I'll find a couple of jobs I can apply to. Most days there are no jobs. No jobs for me. Plenty of jobs for others, no jobs for me. 

Seeing as I spend pretty much all day every day at home you would think the place was spotless. What else is there to do, right? Well, think again. Most days I lose faith after breakfast, and I spend my day surfing the internet or watching tv. It's quite depressing. As a result, the apartment is pretty much always a mess. 

Saturday was my hubby's birthday, and I spent all of friday cleaning and getting ready for saturday. Our apartment was (almost) spotless! 

Bedroom/office space


Living room




It felt so good to finally get the place cleaned up, and I was proud of our home when our families came for birthday brunch saturday morning. I just needed an excuse to do something.

And then it occurred to me. 
My life is a mess, yes, I know. I can't control it. I may not even like it all the time. It's hard to be at home, searching for a job, feeling worthless, because no one seems to want you to come work for them. 


even though I may not be able to control some areas of my life right now, doesn't mean that I should give up on others. 
I can spend my energy on things that make me happy - having a clean apartment, drinking coffee with friends, going for walks in the sunshine, running around the garden with my dog. 

Sometimes I need people to tell me to stop worrying about what I can't change, and enjoy what I do have an influence on. 

I'll be alright, job or no job. 

/Lea Binta