fredag den 27. juli 2012

Snapshots | Summer favorites

Have you ever met someone who didn't like summertime?
The heat, the sun, the light?
Well, I have.
In fact, it's my brother. 
He spends all summer complaining about - you guessed it - summer.

I spend all summer complaining about summer too, 
but that's because I don't think there's nearly ENOUGH 
heat, sun, ligt.

Summer is always great though, and there's always plenty of stuff to do too!
And most those things are free,
which is how we like it.

Here are some of my favorite things so far this summer:

Every summer we watch movies out in the open.
It's a great way to hang out with a couple of friends,
and watch some good movies. 
We went twice this year, and it was pretty awesome.
Like always. 

What happens when the weather is so terrible that you can't really
go to the beach?
Some pretty clever people decided they would just make an indoor 
beach instead.
Complete with sand, palmtrees, (plastic) seagulls and cold drinks.
I went one night with my friend and her man to chill out
and have a drink or two.

An all-time favorite of summer?
Outdoor concerts!
There are plenty of them all around, and most of them are REALLY cheap!
My favorite of the concerts is where they cram 6 concerts into an 8 hour space,
and you pay the amount you would for one regular concert.
Pretty genius, if you ask a music-loving someone like me.

Another fun thing to do when you're bored is to paint your dog.
Relax, it was a joke. 
Or maybe not?
(For the record - I didn't paint him. I spilled paint in the grass, he sat in it,
and then proceeded to sniff his paint-splattered butt and get it in his mouth.
Ain't he just clever?!
And yes, of course I have a picture of his paint-splattered butt, 
and no, I'm not posting it on here.)

A final favorite for now, and a very important one,
is to find a friend and lie down in the grass,
and just lie there. 
Enjoy the softness, the smell, and, apparently, your friend's thigh as a pillow.
Who doesn't love a nice thigh-pillow?
Thigh-pillows aside, both me and Obelix (obviously) enjoyed spending
lots and lots of time with my family and their pup. 

The summer is far from over, and I still have lots more stuff to do.
Stuff like going to the beach (the real outdoor one),
and watch the sunset with an enormous icecream in one hand
and my gorgeous hubby in the other.
Stuff like taking a hike to enjoy this spectacular nature all around.
Stuff like driving to an unknown city, and act all tourist-y.
Stuff like roasting marshmallows over an open fire.
Stuff like getting bit to death by mosquitoes, which makes you itch
so bad you think you're gonna die!
Oh wait, that already happened.

How are you enjoying summer so far?

/Lea Binta 

fredag den 20. juli 2012

This is my life | Haircut

I've been talking about getting my hair cut for a long time now,
and it finally happened a couple of days ago.

Right after getting my hair cut. Woohooo!

I love getting my hair cut, but I always dread washing it for
the first time after the haircut.
Am I going to be able to style it like my hairdresser did? 
Is it going to take hours for me to make it look like she did?

Luckily, it didn't take hours, but it does require a slightly 
better styling iron than the one I have. 
(My hubby already said I could go ahead and order a new one. Yay!)

First off, I just added a bunch of volume to my hair.

Then I thought to myself - what's missing?
A shirt and make-up.

I went for a slightly messier look, which, I think, suits me better.
I'll try the slightly more glamorous look from my hairdresser
when I get that new styling iron.

Random side note:
My dog head buttet me today, resulting in a sore lip, and a red spot
right in the middle of my bottom lip. 
I guess I'll have to cover it up with some lip gloss or something.

/Lea Binta

tirsdag den 17. juli 2012

Breakfast | Properly

Breakfast is actually my favorite meal of the day.
If it's done properly. 
So I decided to do it properly today.

Have a lovely tuesday!

/Lea Binta

lørdag den 14. juli 2012

Home Makeover | IKEA ftw

About a week ago I mentioned we were at IKEA to get a solution
for our messy bedroom. 
THIS is what the chaos looked like pre-IKEA.

Not very pretty, and it collected tons of dust. 
Here's our, now beautiful, organized bedroom:

It looks so much better, it works better, there's almost no dust.

/Lea Binta

torsdag den 12. juli 2012

Snapshots | Instagram

We had thunder and lightning today.
I looooove thunder!
Obelix didn't.
Well, I think he just thought someone was trying to break in.
He was barking at the window.
I had to sit down with him and explain what was going on.
Hard to do, when you aren't fluent in dog. 
He got the idea though, and enjoyed the rest of the thunder with me.
Aaaand that was the most actionpacked thing that happened today.

Hubby spends all his time at work or renovating the youth room
at our church. 
Kinda boring for me.
Why I don't help him out?
He's knocking down walls and has a bunch of guys helping him.
I'll help out painting the walls next week,
don't worry. 

Yeah, so practically nothing going on around here.
Obelix and I are just hanging out all day,
cuddling, watching tv, taking walks,
painting (just me, not him), singing along to music
(also just me, he only sings when Hubs plays his mouthorgan).

I wanted to show you some instagram pics of the last weeks time,
and I realized, since I'm home alone most of the time, 
they pretty much just consist of food and Obelix.

So here you go - the past week's food and cute dog pics.

/Lea Binta

mandag den 9. juli 2012

Baking | S'mores - without the mess

Okay, so obviously the weather is horrible.
Not summer-y at all.
But forget about the weather for a moment.
If I say summer. Bonfire. Late nights.
What comes to mind?

I love s'mores, but I always end up with marshmallow in my hair.
Not so yummy. 
I found this idea on Pinterest to make s'mores without the mess,
and it was soooo good. 
And incredibly easy.

Place marshmallows and a few chocolate chips on separate crackers.
Put them in the oven for a few minutes, until the marshmallows puff up, 
and turn light brown. 
Or dark brown, if you prefer.
WATCH THEM! It only takes a few minutes,
and when they start to get brown they really get brown FAST!

Place crackers together and gently squeeze. 
Place them in the freezer for about 5 minutes.

While they're in the freezer melt some chocolate for coating them.

Coat your crackers halfway. I had some extra chocolate and some leftover
cherries - extra snack.


/Lea Binta

lørdag den 7. juli 2012

Organizing | Ikea

Don't you just love IKEA?
I think everyone does!
Sure, it may mostly be junk, but it's CHEAP junk.
Who doesn't like cheap junk!?

We were at IKEA today, to get some stuff for organizing 
the chaos in the bedroom.
It's not completely finished and organized,
but I'll show you pictures when we're done in a couple of days.

Something I can show you is this pretty amazing hanger for scarfs:

I've seen it at IKEA before, but haven't thought to buy it.
Why, I really don't know, since all my scarfs have always
been a mess all over the place.
With this thing they're easy to keep track off.
(Even if you have lots, like I do)

Clever, no?

/Lea Binta