mandag den 30. januar 2012

Confession | I hate mondays

Beautiful blue sky this morning

"I hate mondays" has always been my mantra. Not because I want to hate mondays - it's actually quite inconvenient to dislike a certain weekday, because no matter what you have to deal with it every seven days. 

It's not even because horrible things happen on mondays. Whether it's a good day or a bad day, monday has just always been a bit more-.. yuck. But not today.

Today I woke up feeling quite happy, which never happens on a monday. It didn't even bother me that Obelix was jumping around the bed, trying to wake me up. Today is a good day, even though today is a monday. Even though I start my 3rd semester on thursday, and I'm nowhere near ready. Even though I don't really have any money to buy groceries for. Even though my life is generally chaos right now. Today is a good day. A good monday.

Happy monday everyone!

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