tirsdag den 28. februar 2012

Baking | Chocolate cupcakes

The other night I was craving chocolate, but we didn't have any. Instead, I baked the easiest and tastiest cupcakes. 

100 g flour
25 g cocoa powder
150 g sugar
1½ tsp baking powder
50 g soft salted butter
125 ml milk
1 egg

Mix the dry ingredients in a bowl. Add the butter and stir it until it looks like grated cheese. Add half the milk and mix until smooth. Whisk together the rest of the milk with the egg and add to the batter. Mix well. 

Bake at 175 C for 20-25 minutes. 

250 g icing sugar
25 g cocoa powder
75 g butter
2 Tsp milk

/Lea Binta

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