torsdag den 16. februar 2012

Travelling | Guatemala - final thoughts

As much as I want to, I find it quite hard to describe our trip to Guatemala. We were there for almost 3 weeks, but we experienced enough for a couple of months. It was an experience unlike any other.

Since Nigeria is the place I know best, apart from Denmark, I always compare other places to Nigeria. When we went to the states I recognized a few traits from Nigeria, and some traits from Denmark. I was really excited to go to Guatemala, since I've had no experiences from that area. 

There were similarities to Nigeria, but there were several things that were completely new to me. It was such a joy to experience yet another culture. 

It's funny how such a relatively short trip can affect you. I don't speak spanish very well, but now, everytime I hear spanish on tv, I feel sort of at home. I remember the trip, remember the noises, the people, the food, the images. Spanish now makes me feel at home. Funny thing.

 Travelling is really important to me, and it's one of the things I cherish most in this world. I'll never tire of it, and I'll always have a hunger to go new places, meet new people, see new cultures. 

It's a blessing and a curse. 

/Lea Binta

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