søndag den 11. marts 2012

Birthday party | Easy hair-do

Yesterday we spent the day celebrating my cousin's birthday. There was great food, good company, and no less than 5 different types of cake for dessert! 

Her creative mom had decorated the table in such a cute and simple way:

Doing my hair in a bun, messy or neat, is something I do almost every day, so I thought I needed to spice it up a bit for the birthday party. 

I did an upside-down french braid, and did a neat bun on top. I actually thought it turned out pretty sweet.

What's your favourite hairstyle?

/Lea Binta

2 kommentarer:

  1. Fiiin frisure.. og dejligt smil... kærligst fra Christina

  2. Tak, jeg synes også selv det blev ganske vellykket. :)

    /Lea Binta


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