fredag den 23. marts 2012

Confession | On the run

Do yourself a favor and listen to this incredible song.
It's worth it. 
And when you're done go ahead and listen to the rest of her songs.
She's quite amazing, if you ask me.

So, did you listen to the song?

I was doing the dishes a while ago, and this song came on. And it hit me hard, right where I needed it. 
I love Tina Dico's songs, but the lyrics for this song could have been taken right out of my head. 

Quitting university makes you think about life, about the future. 
What is it I want with my life?
Which kind of job do I want, what kind of working environment is best for me?
And where do I find anything that works?

Sometimes I sit and I wish I was a bit more ordinary. That I wanted ordinary things. 
I wish I could thrive working in an office or as a shopkeeper. That I dreamt of ordinary things, like working with finances or being a teacher. 
I wish my ultimate dream was to get a house and have kids. 

But it isn't.

My dreams involve music, writing, travelling the world. 
I dream of New Zealand and South Africa. 
I dream of mentoring young adults.
I dream of things I dare not even think through. 

I'm not ordinary, and I don't thrive in ordinary settings.
Or fortunately?

Right now it feels like it's unfortunate. Right now I just need to start working, saving money, taking one day at a time.

Then maybe one day I'll figure out what it is I'm meant to be doing, or where I'm meant to be at. 
But right now,
it feels like I'm on the run.

"I wake up in the morning with one thing on my mind,
to get up on my feet and be on my way
The wide roads are calling and I'm running out of time
to make the most of this exciting day
Everybody's gotta end up somewhere
I'm just taking my time to get there
And it looks like freedom and it smells like fun
but it feels like being on the run"

/Lea Binta

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