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DIY | Onion peel easter eggs

Yesterday I enlisted the help of my hubby and a friend and used most of the day making easter eggs. I used a technique we used when I was a kid, and this is the first time I've done it without my mom. And guess what - it turned out pretty good!

First, we had to empty all the eggs.

Then we started the decorating process. We did some eggs with food colouring and some with onion peels. I'll show you how to make the onion peel eggs, but food colouring is exactly the same, just apply it to the wet tissue paper.

Get a piece of tinfoil and layers of wet tissue paper. Add onion peels around your empty egg.

Wrap up the egg and onion peels in the wet tissue paper.

Then wrap the tinfoil tightly around the egg (without crushing it). 

When you've covered all your eggs you boil them for about 45 minutes. It helps to add a plate on top of them to stop them from bobbing out of the water. 

After the 45 minutes you carefully unwrap them (they're hot and full of boiling water!) and hopefully they look something like this:

Let them dry for a few minutes, and they're ready for whatever use you have for them.

 /Lea Binta

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