fredag den 5. oktober 2012

Confession | Coffee

I realized something this week.
I've always been careful to not drink too much coffee in the morning,
so as not to end up needing coffee to wake up.
I've failed.
If I don't have my thermus of coffee with me when going to uni
early in the morning, then I will never wake up properly.

Then last week I thought, 
"well, I only need coffee for my 8 o'clock classes"
and I didn't bring coffee the day I only had a 10 o'clock class.
I should have brought coffee. 
Sleep doesn't cut it anymore - I officially need coffee to wake up.

Have I had coffee today?
No, but it also took me like an hour to find a nice coffee picture
on pinterest.
I rest my case.

- which is why my hubby always makes me coffee in the morning,
but makes sure to leave as I get out of bed.
Smart man.

- Lea Binta

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