torsdag den 11. oktober 2012

Thankful thursday

Today has been filled with negative energy! 
Mostly my own fault, but when my day starts at 6:30 am, 
then I find it hard to be positive.
This may not be early for some of you,
but for me it kills.
Every single morning. 
It's not like anything majorly terrible happened, 
just lots of little things to irritate me.

Like the fact that the bus was 7 minutes late.
I mean, 7 minutes is enough to time to brush my teeth,
put on makeup and pack my bag. 
I could have slept 7 minutes longer! 
That just annoys me.

And then, when on the bus, I saw the sunrise.
A sunrise is genuinely one of the most beautiful things ever,
but witnessing one always creates a tug-o'-war in my mind,
between how beautiful it is
and how it's way too early to be awake when the sun isn't even up yet.

And then I spent my 2 first 15-minute breaks trying to call the doctor's office,
which was virtually impossible.
And that just annoys the crap out of me every time I have to call them.

So then I figured, this would be a good day to focus on the positive,
and be thankful.
So here goes, things to be thankful for..

 I spent all saturday celebrating my daddy's 45th birthday.
Lots of cake, good food, and lovely company.

This weekend we will be celebrating hubby's daddy's 50th birthday,
both friday night and sunday,
which means even more cake, good food and lovely company.
(Of course, company comes before the food, even though they're
listed the other way around. Well..
Who am I kidding, the cake means as much as the company!)

I got to spend an afternoon and evening hanging out with my brother,
and some seriously delicious coffe and cake. 
And obviously, cake is always a plus.
(Said brother is now in Prague, and he better bring me something!
A piece of cake will suffice..)

Speaking of coffee, I am sooo thankful I have a husband who takes the time
to make me coffee every morning, 
even when he doesn't make any for himself.
It makes my day!

Speaking of hubs, he bought me some christmas chocolate the other evening,
when I had a migraine and spent the whole day/evening in bed.
It totally cheered me up, and even made my migraine better!
(Or so I like to think.)

Speaking of migraine, it's finally gone! It pestered me tuesday,
all the way through wednesday, and finally left me alone
wednesday evening. 

I also finally suceeded in getting through to the doctor's office,
so now maybe something can be done about this horrible migraine 
that comes to visit once or twice every month.

Lastly, but not least, tomorrow is friday.
And friday is always better than any monday, tuesday,
wednesday or thursday.

What are you thankful for today?

- Lea Binta

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