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Confession | An organized mess

I'm a very special type of person.
What some like to call artistic.
Aka messy and unorganized.
I don't agree with this!
(the messy and unorganized, not the artistic part)
My way of organization is just a little different than what is 
"normal" and acceptable to others. 

I'm a creative person, which includes organization.
Yes, it's true that I always have at least 5 projects going at once,
but occassionally I do finish one! 
It happens!

My husband is the complete opposite.
Not that he isn't creative, he's just a very organized form of creative.
When I feel creative I usually take up half the living room for 3 days,
until I get bored of the project. 
When he is creative he sits in his seat, drawing and making lists, 
before actually doing anything.
And then he gets it done right away,
instead of putting it off for months and months.
I find this very strange..

Our differences are most vivid when you take a look around our apartment.

Hubs' way of organizing:

My way of organizing:

Do I look messy to you?
Trust me, I know exactly what is in which pile. 

Over the years I have, however, discovered the advantage of lists
because, well, I get caught up in projects and forget to do
the important things.
So now, if I have to remember to do something, I always make lists.
(Plus, I love the satisfaction of checking things off a list!)

We're already halfway through November, and it kind of stresses me out,
so here's my list of the things I have to get done before December:

- Finish homemade Christmas gifts and buy remaining gift
- Finish the gift for the homemade gift exchange (read more here)
- Take picture for Christmas cards
- Write and send Christmas cards
- Pass grammar exam (!!)
- Write long overdue letter to a friend currently in the states
- Finish Christmas decorations

I'm hoping to check some stuff off soon,
but we'll just have to wait and see. 

- Lea Binta

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