torsdag den 13. december 2012

Christmas | Advent calendar

Alright, one thing everyone loves at Christmas is receiving presents,
am I right?
No? You lie!

As much as I love receiving presents I also really like getting presents
for other people. 
If I was a millionaire I'd be buying presents for others all the time!
Don't believe me?
Give me a million bucks and I'll prove you wrong!

This December I made hubs an advent calendar 
- one present for each day, from December 1st to December 24th.

We're about halfway done, so I wont reveal all the presents,
but I thought I'd share some of the items.
Maybe you can use it as inspiration for an advent calendar next year,
or use some of the ideas as stocking stuffers. 

Presents included:
chili nuts
car wipes

Check back in another couple of weeks when I reveal the rest of the list.

- Lea Binta

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