mandag den 20. februar 2012

Baking | Doughnuts

Now, I realize there have been a lot of posts about cake recently, but let me just clarify this: cake is very important part of my life. I love cake. I would eat cake all day, every day, if I could. But I wont, since I can't afford to buy new and bigger clothes all the time. Still, I eat cake regularly. Like, several times a week. And no, I wont stop. 

My brother celebrated his birthday saturday, and since he's a huge Simpsons fan we attempted to make some doughnuts. Ovenbaked. I think that was a mistake.

Some of them were quite pathetic. Another mistake.

Didn't have a cutter in the right size, so used my dad's glass - a pint is about the right size.

At this point I'm very excited and has no idea what is lying ahead of me.

Action-packed picture!

So, after decorating them they looked quite nice, but they didn't really rise in the oven at all, which is quite essential.

So yeah, nice looking, but tasted like biscuits. Next time there'll definately be some hot oil involved.

Have you made doughnuts before? And how did they turn out?

/Lea Binta

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