søndag den 19. februar 2012

DIY | Frosted vases

Here's an easy DIY for some frosted vases. You can use any kind of glass vase - I used old milk bottles from my local thrift shop.

First off I bound them with some yarn, so they would have a random pattern when they were done.

The frosting spray I used was something I picked up at my local hobby store. 

I sprayed them once. (Use a very well ventilated room, if you can't go outside - it stinks!)


And one final time. I let them dry 3-5 minutes between each layer, and didn't make the layers too thick.

Remove the yarn, et voilá: 

Then I made some quick and easy pompoms.

I added some wire to the pompoms, and they were ready to go in the vases instead of flowers. 

A nice, easy, and quick DIY gift for someone (or for yourself). 

/Lea Binta

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