tirsdag den 15. maj 2012

Home Decor | Postcards and memories

A while ago I showed you my new chair, 
and also mentioned that I had finally gotten frames and pictures
 on the wall.

And guess what - 
the empty frame is now full!

Originally I thought I'd hang pictures of friends in there, 
but then I changed my mind and I decided to let a few of my many,
 MANY postcards come to good use. 
Along with a few other things.

The flower appliqué is one my brother got for me a ridiculous amount of years ago. 
I don't remember if it was before we went to live in Nigeria, or while we were in Denmark on furlough
 - it's that long ago! 
The best thing is that he got for me for no reason at all.
He saw it at a market and bought it. 
One for me, one for my mom, one for my grandma.
I don't think he even remembers this.
But I do. 

I don't actually remember where I got the white flower, 
but I do remember that I pinned it to the shirt I wore at my friend's funeral. 
And I remember my friend's dad commenting on my flower.
It was such a horrible and beautiful day. 
I couldn't believe I had lost a friend at such a young age,
but to see that huge crowd appearing at his funeral, 
to say goodbye for the last time,
was moving beyond words.
It was beautiful, and exactly what he deserved.

This soft heart is one I got for Valentine's day. Also soooo many years ago. 
It doesn't mean a lot to me, but love is always nice,
and it fits well with the postcard with the kissing giraffes.

I could tell you stories and tales about all the postcards, 
but there's really no time for that. 
Maybe some other time.

Maybe you can stop by for coffee?
I would love to tell you about all the memories I have.
These are just a few. They're not the most important,
nor the most insignificant. 
But they're there all the same.

/Lea Binta

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