tirsdag den 5. juni 2012

Confession | Guilty pleasures aka unhealthy obsessions

Most of us have guilty pleasures, right?
Like watching Glee or Desperate Housewives.
Or eating cake for dinner.
Or checking facebook in the bathroom.
No? Just me then?

I have quite a few guilty pleasures, and sometimes they kind of take an unhealthy turn
 and become more of an obsession than a guilty pleasure. 

Most people know I like Bear Grylls.
Most people also know that the above sentence is the understatement
of the year. 
I don't like Bear Grylls, I love him! 

About a year ago, when we moved into this apartment,
we had the Discovery Channel for free.
I spent every night at 11 watching Born Survivor.
Every night!
At one point it got so bad that I couldn't sleep,
unless I had watched the show.

Then the cable guys cut the channel and I went cold turkey.
Boy, that was tough.
But probably pretty healthy. 

I still admire Bear Grylls a lot, 
but I'm not quite as obsessed anymore. 
I will still, however, most likely love anything he does
or is somehow involved in. 

Naturally I read his blog on his website (www.beargrylls.com).
Naturally I go through all the pictures on the website too,
every time I read the blog, 
just to make sure he didn't upload any new ones I haven't seen.
Obsessed? Noooo. Thorough, yes. 

I could go on and on about Bear Grylls, 
but all this ranting was actually just to tell you
that I got his new game app for my phone.
And I love it. 
It's a simple game. Not that exciting really.
The amazing part though?
Bear Grylls telling me "Nice job!", "Darn it!", and 
"That was pretty good, if I do say so myself!"

And yes, I am currently reading his biography "Mud, Sweat and Tears"
for the second time within 4 months. 
Don't judge! 

/Lea Binta

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