fredag den 8. juni 2012

TGIF | Struggling

This week has been a struggle. 

When I think about it, it's actually been a good week,
but every single day has been a struggle of some sort.

Every morning it's felt like monday morning.
And that is not a nice feeling!

Struggling is never fun.

I think maybe it's because I haven't really had anything to do.

Things are looking up though.

This weekend is going to be a blast, despite the rainy weather.
And the week ahead will be good. 
I don't really have any plans, but I have lots of loose ends
that are waiting to be tied together.
And they're fun things. 

Today is actually pretty busy too. Not that you'd know it, 
since I'm still on my couch from having breakfast. 
But when I finish this blogpost I'll get going.

I have to bake and decorate 30-40 cupcakes for tomorrow.
I'm really excited to try a new decorating method!
I'll let you know how it turns out.
I also have to do the dishes. No fun, but it has to be done.
If I don't do the dishes there's no room for baking -
that's how small our kitchen is. 
Also, I should really find time to do some more reading.
And I should start researching for the paintings I have to do.
Oh, and start writing the speech I have to perform for summer camp.


Yes, thank God it's friday!
I might just need to start off with a nap.

/Lea Binta

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