mandag den 25. juni 2012

Just a Thought | Exercising (or a lack thereoff)

I've never been athletic.
I've never been a natural at sports.
I've enjoyed a few sports,
but only for a short while.
I did jog quite persistently for more than half a year.
And now I kind of miss it.
I'd like to start running again.
I've thought about it for a long time.
A couple of months at least,
I just haven't done anything about it.
It's time, though.
It's time to dust off those running shoes. 
Tomorrow, I will get up early. 
(I mean it, I really WILL!)
I will go running before noon.
(YES, I will!)
And of course, by writing it here, 
publicly and officially,
I'm hoping I wont back out tomorrow.
Even if I just jog for 10 minutes,
it will be so much better than nothing.

And no cupcakes.

/Lea Binta

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