lørdag den 30. juni 2012

TGIF | Friends

Wondering why today's post is called Thank God it's Friday, 
even though it's saturday today?
Here's why:
Yesterday one of my bestest friends came over,
and we spent the afternoon baking and decorating cupcakes.
I was planning on doing a cupcake post when we had finished the cupcakes yesterday,
but instead we ended up hanging out the rest of the day.
Talking about nothing really,
singing along to Frank Sinatra,
eating dinner,
watching tv,
and then we headed out for a friday night beer.

And, obviously, that left no room for a blogpost,
because hanging out with her was way more important.

But be still, o troubled heart,
the blogpost is here! 
Enjoy our cupcakes. 
We most certainly did.
And we made so many that we're about to enjoy them again.

Have a lovely weekend people!

/Lea Binta

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