tirsdag den 19. juni 2012

Just a Thought | Ugly babies

Remember the silly sticker tattoos me and hubs put on for the Euro Cup games?

Well, those things don't come off easily, so it took me a couple of days
to get them off.

A couple of days after the game a lady asked me if I had kids,
since I had the soccer tattoos on my arm. 
Uhm.. no?

Soo many people ask me when we're having kids.
We've been married for just over a year,
and honestly, I'm in no hurry to have kids just yet.

A lot of my friends love babies.
I don't.
They love little kids.
I really don't.
Does that sound mean?

I mean, I don't mind kids.
I just don't seek them out.
If they come up to me, fine, I'll play with them.
And then I'll hand them back to their parents.

My hubby is completely opposite.
He loves them. 
He takes time to play with them.

I'm thinking, though, that things might change.

A few years ago I swore I would never get a dachshund.
I thought they were really ugly.
Then I saw a puppy dachshund that completely stole my heart,
because he was my puppy.

Maybe it'll be the same way with babies?
I don't particularly love other peoples babies, 
but maybe when I have my own - 
that baby will steal my heart?

I'm thinking this is how it'll be.
But for now I'm quite happy taking care of my
ugly puppy dachshund.

- Lea Binta

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