onsdag den 13. juni 2012

This is my life | Potato chips and other important things

You know that feeling when you want to put in an earring, 
but you haven't used earrings in a while, 
and you have to force the earring through what feels like a newly 
developed layer of skin?

It hurts!

Yet, I go through that on a regular basis.
I have two piercings in each ear, but I only use one,
and so that second one kind of closes up on me.

But I succeeded!

... - But only with one ear. I gave up on my right ear, 
because it was too painful.

Oh well.

Now, this whole ear-piercing thing may not seem very important to you,
but when you spend every day at home, 
with no real plans,
then the small things take up a lot of space.

I would love to tell you that I'm taking advantage of all this home-time,
and spend all my time cleaning, baking, reading, doing stuff I didn't
have time to do before.
But I would be lying.
Although I do try to make small plans and goals each day,
just to keep myself occupied.

Take today for instance. (And keep in mind that today has been
a really active day, believe it or not)
I woke up at 7.30. Then fell asleep again. And overslept. Like, majorly overslept!
Got up. Took Obelix peeing in the garden.
Ate breakfast, while watching an episode of 'Judge Amy'. 
Then I cleaned up the bedroom. Hooray! Very proud of that.
Took Obelix for a nice, long walk in the park, where he met
lovely female dogs that he wanted to make friends with.
You know what I mean.
THEN, I went thrift shopping, and I actually picked up some pretty neat stuff.
I'll show you some of it tomorrow. 
Then grocery shopping. 
Then lunch, which leaves me here. 

And even though I just had lunch I'm fighting the urge to finish off
the bag of potato chips we opened last night.
I always think that a bag that big can last for a whole week. Or longer!
I should know better.
If it lasts more than 2 days in this house, then there's something wrong.

Admit it, you know exactly what I mean, no?

So yeah, plans for tomorrow:
Don't oversleep. (Gonna be a tough one)
Don't watch too much tv. (Another tough one)
Finish reading my book.
Think of something nice for dinner.
Preparations for my meeting tomorrow night.
Start working on mommy's b-day present.
Clean living room. 
Finish doing the dishes.
Watch a couple of episodes of MASH.

Man, if I get through half that list I'll be proud.
We'll see.
Now, where did I put those potato chips?

/Lea Binta

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