torsdag den 14. juni 2012

Thrift Shopping | Coral and silver

Yesterday I promised to show you a few thrift finds, 
so voilá!

Four (pretty fake) silver bowls and a lovely coral sweater.

My parents are having their 25th anniversary in august, 
so the bowls will be used on some tables for snacks or candles.
Or something. 
And I absolutely love this coral sweater!
The weather isn't looking very summer-y,
so it looks like I'll be wearing this sweater a lot.
I'm actually wearing it right now!

Yeah, trying to wear the bowls as well. 
How do you wear bowls as part of an outfit.
Well, duh..

Oh, and the green dots inside the bowls? Price tags from the thrift store.
Should probably have removed them before taking the pictures.

/Lea Binta

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