torsdag den 12. juli 2012

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We had thunder and lightning today.
I looooove thunder!
Obelix didn't.
Well, I think he just thought someone was trying to break in.
He was barking at the window.
I had to sit down with him and explain what was going on.
Hard to do, when you aren't fluent in dog. 
He got the idea though, and enjoyed the rest of the thunder with me.
Aaaand that was the most actionpacked thing that happened today.

Hubby spends all his time at work or renovating the youth room
at our church. 
Kinda boring for me.
Why I don't help him out?
He's knocking down walls and has a bunch of guys helping him.
I'll help out painting the walls next week,
don't worry. 

Yeah, so practically nothing going on around here.
Obelix and I are just hanging out all day,
cuddling, watching tv, taking walks,
painting (just me, not him), singing along to music
(also just me, he only sings when Hubs plays his mouthorgan).

I wanted to show you some instagram pics of the last weeks time,
and I realized, since I'm home alone most of the time, 
they pretty much just consist of food and Obelix.

So here you go - the past week's food and cute dog pics.

/Lea Binta

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