fredag den 24. august 2012

TGIF | Cake

It's friday!

This week actually started off with friday for me.
Sunday night I set my alarm clock for about 9,
and went to sleep.
Next morning I woke up late, 
and couldn't understand why my alarm hadn't gone off.
Turns out I set my alarm for friday instead of monday.
I have no clue why I thought friday is the day after sunday,
but oh well.
This week's just been a week of fridays anyway.
Hanging out with friends,
shopping a wee bit,
and lovely things like that.
And eating cake.

Oh, cake!

Everytime it's friday I have a mini-celebration,
because the weekend is here.
It could consist of a brief happy dance
or an outburst of song.
Sometimes, when I'm in a particularly celebratory mood
I buy cake.

And that's exactly how I'm going to celebrate friday today.

from Pinterest

How do you celebrate friday?

- Lea Binta

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