onsdag den 12. september 2012

Realization | University

So, I had all these great blogposts planned for this week and last week,
but somehow they didn't magically jump from my brains to my computer.
Strange, huh?

Things have been a little quiet on the blog, because, well,
life hasn't.
It kinda got in the way of the blogposts.
My parents celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary (crazy!),
and I started classes at uni. 

I'm still trying to figure out what books I'm missing, because yes,
I'm still missing a few. 

My sweet husband let me do some "back-to-school-shopping" a week ago,
not for clothes, but for a new school bag. 
The thing is, I hate backpacks. I really do.
I hate carrying them around.
I look so stupid. 
And young.
But, let's face it, backpacks are the most practical bags
for hauling around books and a laptop. 
So I got a backpack.
But I got a really great looking one,
to stop me from looking stupid.
I think it works.

Whaddya say - isn't it a beauty?
I actually enjoy carrying it around. 

And that's all for now.
I'll return with interesting posts later.

/Lea Binta

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