onsdag den 5. september 2012

Just a Thought | It's Christmas time again.. wait, what?

The last couple of days I've had this tingling sensation
in my tummy,
the way I feel right before Christmas.
It's felt like December is just around the corner, 
and that I should already Christmas shopping,
decorating and baking. 

I know we still have a couple of months to go,
but I think it's because the weather has turned colder, 
and the nights have turned darker.

I'm ready for candle light, hot cocoa,
bundling up on the couch with socks,
scarves and a big sweater.
Like this one from monki right here:

Someone has been prepping the street signs around my neighborhoood,
making sure they aren't cold this winter.

Any yarn-bombing near your place?

- Lea Binta

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