søndag den 2. september 2012

Snapshots | Weekend

This weekend has been packed full of stuff!
Full of good, good stuff,
including meeting fellow students at my new uni,
partying with said students, and finally
attending a wedding and a 30th german themed birthday party.

This is what my weekend has looked like through twitter and instagram: 

Thursday, 10:32 pm
"Don't know if I'm loving or dreading the thought of 
starting studies at a new uni tomorrow. 
So many new people in one place. Stressful."

Friday, 8:02 am
"Off to meet the people I'll be spending the next 3 years with.
 At least breakfast is free."

Friday, 8:36 am
"I have never seen so many students in one place.
 = no more coffee cups. Not okay."

Friday, 9:01 am
"Free breakfast - nice going uni"

Friday, 10:17 am
"Moving 4000 students through the city is no small task."

Friday, 3:41 pm
"I see a nap in my near future."

Friday, 7:43 pm
"A nap and dinner later, bring on the party!"

Friday, 11:31 pm
"Yes, the drink is, in fact, on fire."

Saturday, 10:09 am
"My voice is missing - anyone see it?"

Saturday, 12:59 am
"Hubs drank my coke. I could cry, 
but I'm saving the tears for later."

Saturday, 2:14 pm
"I always cry at weddings."

Saturday, 5:51 pm
"Octoberfest in september."

This morning we dragged ourselves out of bed to attend 
a baptism at church,
and then lunch with the lovely people at church.

Right now I have a couple of hours to relax, 
drink some coffee,
and finish my speech for the teenage service tonight.

Tomorrow I'll attend my first lessons at uni.
It'll probably require some coffee.

How was your weekend?

- Lea Binta

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