tirsdag den 23. oktober 2012

Confession | "needS"

I consider myself a nice person,
but I have a nasty side that not many people know about.
It's not an obvious "call-you-bitch-to-your-face"-side,
but more like a battle in my mind.

Do you remember the cartoons with Donald Duck, 
where he would have an angel on one shoulder
and a devil on the other,
and they would battle each other?
I have that.
What do they battle about?
Judging others.
Based on what?
Mostly spelling and grammar.

That's right, I judge people based on how they spell.
They worst part is that I'm not that great at grammar myself.
I just always notice other people's mistakes.
Then after noticing and ridiculing the person in my head
I get mad at myself for being that way.
But I can't help it.
That devil on my shoulder is having a field day sometimes.

It might go something like this:

Reading an article/folder/ANYTHING with spelling or grammar mistakes.

Devil: Ha! Who wrote this!? The person must be a moron. 
They can't even tell the difference between "break" and "brake"!
Angel: Hey - be nice! The person could be dyslexic.
Devil: I know dyslexic people, and even they know that one!
Angel: Well, maybe they had a hard time growing up,
and couldn't focus on school work becausey they had an abusive parent.
Devil: They can't ALL be dyslexic or come from abusive backgrounds -
look at all these pages with mistakes!
Angel: Maybe english is their second language.
Devil: English is YOUR second language too!
Devil: Fine.. 

Then I spot another mistake and the whole thing repeats itself.
It's quite exhausting.

I have this coffee cup with a lovely quote on it.
It says,
"The world needs more flowers"
Yup, that's what it says. 
In my perfect world anyway.
Because you know what? 
It doesn't say that.
It says,
"The world need more flowers"
When I noticed I almost gave up drinking from that cup ever again. 
They can't even check their grammar before producing the cup nationally?
What has this world come to!?
My devil had a real good time when that happened.
Then I figured,
heck, it's just a cup.
Nobody's perfect.
I guess coffee cups aren't either.

- Lea Binta

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