lørdag den 1. december 2012

Christmas | 1/24

It's december 1st!
If I could I would be jumping with joy!
But I can't.
I'm sick.
Been on the couch all day.
If I could I would be getting ready to dance the night away
with a friend that came into town.
But I can't.
Just sitting here on my couch,
feeling sorry for myself.
Oh well.

Also, for all of you who are friends with me on facebook
I apologize in advance.
My status will be all about christmas and cake and snow
from now on until january.
Although that's not really too different from the rest of the year. 

And now, an abundance of Christmas decoration pictures!

But the most important decoration?
Can't wait to light the first candle tomorrow!

- Lea Binta

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