tirsdag den 4. december 2012

This is my life | Rainbow

WARNING: This post is NOT about Christmas, snow or cake.
If you're squeamish, look away.

I took an introductory archery class last night.
It was a lot of fun, and I really want to go again.
Just one small problem.
Well, it's kinda big actually. 

What is that rainbow colored madness going on on my arm, you ask?
That would be a bruise.
The largest and most painful bruise I have ever had.
How did I get it you ask?
Archery class.
Apparently, when I stretch my left arm, my elbow goes down flat,
thereby sticking out a bit, and gets hit with the bowstring
every time I release. 
I tried altering my arm, but it didn't work.
All my good shots were immensely painful. 
I didn't whine at the class, though, it was too much fun.
I was just a little surprised when I got home and half my arm
was blue and red.
I mean, I knew it hurt, but still.. 

2 things about this bruise that bums me out:

I wont be going back to the archery class. 
Not sure it's worth that much pain.

It's a badass bruise, but it wont leave a scar.
In a week you wont even know it ever happened!
I like scars. Is that weird?
Maybe I'll do a post on scars sometime.

I suppose this means I'll have to find another way to get that
Olympic gold medal I've been eyeing.
Any suggestions?

- Lea Binta

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