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Just a Thought | A musical life

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Have you ever wished that your life was a musical?
That it was socially acceptable to spontaneously burst into song and
awkward dancemoves as a response to a question?
I totally wish my life was a musical.
I tried that whole spontaneous song-and-dance-action.
It was not cool.
When you don't have a band behind you
it's just not cool.
It's awkward. Very awkward.
And people laugh.

But what if?!
Or what if you could at least put a soundtrack to your life?
For every action, feeling or encounter there would be a specific song playing 
- wouldn't that be something?
I'm sure this will somehow be made possible in the future,
and when it is I'm ready.
I've already started compiling the list of songs I want to accompany my life's situations.

Here's what I've got so far:

Every friday morning, as I get out of bed, I want
"Friday I'm in love" with The Cure playing,
just to remind me that it's friday, and thereby 
a very good day. A day on which to be in love.

Then later, when hubs asks me how we should spend our friday night,
I'll reply with Tina Dickow's (Dico's)
"Let's go dancing".

When I get ready to go dancing it'll obviously be to
"Out tonight" from RENT,
and then after midnight, when hubs starts to get a little tired,
I'll bust out Queen's "Don't stop me now".
It'll be epic.
In between there'll be plenty of time for Whitney Houston's
"I wanna dance with somebody".
When it's finally time to go home there'll be no buses,
and hubs will be humming
"Walking my baby back home" with Nat King Cole.

Saturday morning will be lazy, and perfect for pancakes,
so Jack Johnson's "Banana pancakes" is perfect here.
We'll sip coffee and lounge on the couch.
Hubs will want to tell me how lucky he is to have someone like me,
who gets up and makes him pancakes,
and will serenade me with Elvis Presley and his
"Can't help falling in love". Sweet.
He could also do "I've got you under my skin" by Mr. Sinatra.
I might reply with Ida Maria's
"I like you so much better when you're naked",
but I also might save that for later.
We'll see.
Then there'll be a beautiful duet of RENT's "I'll cover you".
All lovey-dovey.

Sunday will be church time and "Beautiful things" by Gungor
or Audio Adrenaline's "Hands and feet" are both excellent choices.
Preferably both.

You see how this works?
Isn't it wonderful? 
This is as far as I've gotten - 3 typical days.
I've also come up with just a few extras for special occasions,
like David Gray's "Sail Away" for a time when I might need to serenade hubs a bit.
When things are tough I'll need Gungor's
"Please be my strength"
followed by Frank Sinatra's
"For once in my life".
A lovely sunshiney, summery day will be accompanied by
"Those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer" by Nat King Cole,
and a long day's work will end best with Norah Jones'
"The long day is over".
Days of dreaming and hopes for the future will go well with
"Dreams" by Brandi Carlile.
A roadtrip to Copenhagen to see friends will obviously result in
"Copenhagen" by Tina Dickow (Dico) being played.
Nat King Cole's "L.O.V.E." is for hubs any day, really.
Finally, when meeting new people and making new friends, 
and they ask about me and how me and hubs met I'll have Brandi Carlile's
"The story" playing.

Which songs would accompany your life?
When you hear certain songs, what situations in your life do you picture?

I would love to hear how your musical life would look(sound)!

And now, to leave you with one of the beautiful songs of my life, 
enjoy Brandi Carlile for a bit.

- Lea Binta

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