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Thankful | Migraines

I had coffee with my brother today.
Nothing fancy, just in my livingroom, with River Cottage on in the background.
We talked awhile about his plans for the future.
I remember being 19.
How exciting everything was.
All the possibilities.
Now I'm 24, and life is still exciting.
Yet, sometimes I need to be reminded that life is exciting.
Like this weekend.
Friday was a hard day, but when it was over it was wonderful.
We finished our 40-page report we've been struggling with
for the past couple of months.
Saturday I was in bed with a migraine.
I have monthly migraines, no biggie, but this one was rough.
I spent all of Saturday in bed.
Usually a couple of pills and a nap cures it.
Not this time.
I thought it might be over by Sunday.
It wasn't.
It got better, but never completely disappeared.
In the end I got so sick of it I just ignored it.
We had sushi with a friend, and it was wonderful.
Except for the fact that my head was still quietly exploding
every now and then.
Surely it would be over by the time I woke up this morning.
It wasn't, not completely.
I still had this numbing pain behind my forehead, 
but I had to get up.
I had to hand in that report.
So I did.
And now, the migraine is finally gone.

A weekend spent in bed with a migraine is no fun.
Days like that don't feel exciting.
I start thinking how life isn't fair.
How it isn't fair that I have to deal with monthly migraines,
while others go through life without ever encountering one.
I start complaining, I start having negative thoughts. 
I start to get sick of my life.
I forget that I have many more good, exciting days
than I have days with migraines.
Focusing on the negative causes you to forget the positive,
although the positive should far outweight the negative.

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I have a wonderful, exciting life,
but sometimes I forget.
I need to be reminded that the bad days don't overpower the good days,
because they don't.
I would never trade in my life for someone else's, 
not even if it meant being rid of the monthly migraines.
If this life requires a migraine now and then, 
then that's how it's going to be.
I'll take it.

- Lea Binta

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