torsdag den 26. januar 2012

DIY | t-shirt

Okay, so last weekend I was at my parents' house, and was only going to stay for one night, but ended up staying for two. I had a great time, but I hadn't brought a change of clothes. My dad had an old white, XL t-shirt lying around, so he gave it to me to do whatever I wanted to. 

I started by taking a pair of scissors and making the neckline a bit bigger, and then took a couple of markers to write or draw something. I wanted to write a quote, but couldn't think of anything, so ended up just writing "Something clever". Hehe.. Funny. Yeah, so this is how it turned out:

Obviously it's still way too big, but I wasn't going to start doing any sewing, so I took the easy option and stuffed it down my jeans. 

See? Now it's just like any other oversize t-shirt you get at the mall, except the sleeves are still too big. How to cover it up? Throw on a blazer, and voilá - a brand new t-shirt of own design.

I actually really like how it turned out, and a friend even complimented it at church. So there, a quick change of clothes, even you don't have any.

Obelix hates being left out, so he jumped onto my lap for a final picture, and even now he's in my lap, trying to stop me from writing so I can pet him instead. 

Have a lovely thursday!

/Lea Binta

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