lørdag den 7. juli 2012

Organizing | Ikea

Don't you just love IKEA?
I think everyone does!
Sure, it may mostly be junk, but it's CHEAP junk.
Who doesn't like cheap junk!?

We were at IKEA today, to get some stuff for organizing 
the chaos in the bedroom.
It's not completely finished and organized,
but I'll show you pictures when we're done in a couple of days.

Something I can show you is this pretty amazing hanger for scarfs:

I've seen it at IKEA before, but haven't thought to buy it.
Why, I really don't know, since all my scarfs have always
been a mess all over the place.
With this thing they're easy to keep track off.
(Even if you have lots, like I do)

Clever, no?

/Lea Binta

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